Soar Emerging Artist Festival Cabaret Night #1 7:00pm $10

Soar is a five day, multidisciplinary arts festival for young and emerging artists aged 18 - 35, from June 3 - 7, 2015. On the evenings of June 3 - 5, we welcome local emerging artists for three evenings of cabaret-style performances showcasing everything from theatre, dance, spoken word, music and new media in the ATB Financial Community Room at Casa. Open to the public. Admission to each evening is $10.

Wednesday, June 3: 7:00 pm
ATB Financial Community Room, Casa
Sponsored by: Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects

Shelby Thevenot and Jeff Charlton/Lost Girl Productions: Pale Blue Dot: A minimalist piece told by one actor, inspired by Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue
Dot. (play: 20 mins)

Claire Lint: Haptikos Dance Project: Original dance piece performed by local dancers. The work brings attention to technology and its ability to desensitize us to the world around us. (dance: 15 mins)

Jay Northcott and Jenna Schwarz/Cardigans and Caviar Collective: Kluwnn: An investigation into the truth about what clowns do when humans aren’t looking. (clowning: 20 mins)


Jeff Newman: Newman Mentalism Presents; Postcards to the West 113th: Jeff Newman recreates an act all but erased from history in this show, slated to appear in the 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. (magic: 60 mins)

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