Character Performer Workshop with Derek Scott 3:30pm $60

Registration at CASA $60 per person
A workshop for actors, dancers, clowns, circus artist, magicians and educators.
Date: APRIL 11th
3:30 to 6:30pm

Scott is an LCI alumni who is excited to come back to his home town to give this workshop!

Derek Scott is an internationally acclaimed actor, clown, director, producer and teacher, who has performed around the world, including on Broadway and London’s West End. He has performed and taught with such companies as Cirque du Soleil, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, The Stratford Shakespearean Festival as well as plays the lead role in Slava’s Snow Show.
In his 25 plus years in the business, Derek has developed this workshop which deals with one of the essence of all performance: rhythm. Through the understanding of rhythm you can develop your character, discover aspects of your clown, breakdown why things are funny, further build routines, and even understand how to construct a sketch or a play.
During his workshop he will work with each individual’s natural rhythms and develop them for their performances. For more information about Derek go to

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