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Emotional Landscapre

Drastic and sudden changes in our weather in Southern Alberta like our constant Chinooks, Grass fires in the summer, floods in the spring and constant hot to cold changes in the last few years has had various effects on people. These effects can cause an inspiration to create art showing the emotions and feelings of the people reacting to the landscape surrounding them. Come and enjoy the works of Southern Albertan artists and their reactions to what they have experienced in our not so subtle environment.
April 19th 2014, 1:00-3:00pm
Curated by Megan Farebrother


Giselle Peters
Judith E Hall
Karen Beattie
Marta and Bram Timmer
Trudi Sissons
Kelsey Galbraith
Corrine Thiessen
Rick and Jane Williams
Sharen Hogg
as well as: Kim, Aubrey, Logan, Jenna and Jade