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Current Exhibitions

In the Main Gallery:

work by Andrea Kowalchuk

June 24 - August 26
Reception Saturday, June 24, 7:00pm

Derp began with the question “What makes you happy?” I was asked this during my Master’s degree and did not have an answer at the time. After moving home I struggled to find the motivation to produce art being I no longer knew what I wanted to say outside of academia. I was no longer a student, my access to critical conversation about my work was limited, and I was struggling to begin an art career. I was lost.

I pondered the question that stumped me once more, what makes me happy? The answer was cat videos, and fat puppies sleeping in weird places. An obsession formed with social media and I realized I was not using it to stay in touch with people, but to have access to cute and humorous content which I in turn like to share. What makes me happy is watching screaming goats on YouTube and getting updates from Grumpy Cat on Instagram.

From there I began the most enjoyable research I have ever conducted, delving into the internet in search of animals making hilarious faces. From animal celebrities to websites dedicated to posting funny animals, the content was vast and easily accessible as many hope their video or photo will earn them fame or fortune. A language also developed over time specifically relating to animals on the internet (ex. “I can haz cheeseburger”). It developed into this phenomenon where people would connect and share their feelings through these quickly spreading images. I was not the only one seeking this content as a means of bringing levity to my day, other people that I knew began using cute and funny animals as a barricade for stressful social and personal issues. Friends coped with difficult or delicate situations by claiming there is too much negativity lately so here is a piglet. Strife caused by political views and the horrors in the news created stress met simply with the reposting of cows sitting like dogs. My work looks at this shield the adorable factor creates.

Inspired by the obsession with selfies and the quirkiness of Snapchat, I selected animals to paint based on what I considered to be silly poses. Each portrait is an acrylic painting on its own canvas. Drawing from my older works which utilized my experiences on the pain killers morphine and fentanyl while in the hospital, which induced massive hallucinations and resulted in psychedelic and colourful abstract paintings, I used a similar colour scheme of bright, blocky colour representative of the joy the silly faces induce in viewers. The backgrounds; however, are shrouded in black, the darker content these animals are used to minimize the effect of like a band aid. Also, drawing on a frequent theme in my past works of systematic order and repetition, a means to express my desire for control and order in my life, the exhibition features several smaller canvases coming together as one work. Overall, my work reflects the desire to create happiness through the use of the internet phenomenon of funny animals.

Andrea Kowalchuk received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge in 2010 with a focus in sculpture and painting. She also received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Regina in 2013 with a focus in sculpture and drawing. She has had several solo and group exhibitions and has worked on private commissions. Kowalchuk currently resides in Lethbridge and works from her home studio while also attending Lethbridge College’s Business Administration: Accounting program.   


In the Main Gallery:

guest curators Leila Armstrong & Megan Morman

June 24 - August 26
Reception Saturday, June 24, 7:00pm

Cabinets of Curiosities (or Wunderkammers) were collections of objects that would later be separated into the distinct categories of geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art, and antiquities. During the Renaissance such collections were shown together in what are now considered the early precursors of the modern museum.

Cabinet of Queeriosities IV is the fourth in a series of exhibitions celebrating LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer) history, identity, culture and pride through a similarly diverse range of subject matters and approaches.

This exhibition is about inclusivity rather than exclusivity and strives to provide a range of voices in a variety of media. Some of the artists are parents of LGBTQ children or have LGBTQ friends and/or family members who have inspired them. Others simply refuse to be limited by narrow definitions of masculinity and femininity, male and female, or straight and gay. And, of course, some indentify as LGBTQ and make works that address their positions as such.

Whatever the case, it is my hope that Cabinet of Queeriosities III provokes an open dialogue around issues of identity and diversity in our community.


 -- Leila Armstrong

Throughout Casa: 

uLETHBRIDGE FineArts@Fifty

An eclectic exhibition, FineArts@Fifty, uses a combination of videos, images, artworks, historic photos, displays and documents to celebrate the history, milestones and endeavours of the U of L Faculty of Fine Arts and its four departments – Art, Drama, Music, and New Media. Historic objects paired with current work from students will complete a dynamic and comprehensive time line of art at the U of L.

Including Work by:

  • Alison Grigg
  • Angeline Simon
  • Brady Gleeson
  • Chelsea Niekamp
  • Danin Lawrence
  • Dillon Edge(Brooks)
  • Emma Huff
  • Emma Norris
  • Gary Uchikura
  • Grace Wirzba
  • Jennifer Bowen
  • Jessica Wnek
  • Katie Thomas
  • Kylie Fineday
  • Laramie Christoffersen
  • Martina Visser
  • Nicole Wilkinson
  • Rachel Lee
  • Rachel Parent
  • Becca Klein
  • Tara Lynn MacDougall
  • Taylor Lapierre-Campbell
  • Vincent Varga

And Objects, Art, Documentation and Ephemera by:

  • University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts
  • University of Lethbridge Costume Shop
  • University of Lethbridge Department of New Media
  • University of Lethbridge Department of Art
  • University of Lethbridge Department of Drama
  • University of Lethbridge Department of Music




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